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"Just over a year ago we officially launched our first MTB suspension fork that was an immediate great success. Despite our long experience in the motorsport world,Era has been our first front suspension dedicated to the mtb world and the fact that it got so much appreciation confirmed us that the path we took designing it was theright one. With features like HS3 hybrid coil system, dedicated crown design and countless other solutions to reduce friction and improve performance, since the beginning Era wanted to be a no compromises, high performing fork that aimed to set itself apart from the other options in the market and respond to some of the needs of the most demanding riders.With Era V2 we want to continue on this path, introducing new and updated features that will improve the previous production increasing safety, performance and reliability. ERA adopt an innovative Floating internal shaft guide in the damper cartridge uses a Superfinish shaft taking friction to the lowest possible level.EXT high-volume cartridge uses a high flow piston to generate control for your bike, the ERA is a performance upgrade for your bike and your riding. Like all EXT products the ERA offers a fully tunable fork with a useable damping range for each rider and riding style.The ERA concept aims to be a no compromise fork on implementing solution to create performance and better ride control."

EXT Era V2

    • NEW Magnesium lowers that are lighter and utilize a new load-optimized design obtained by Thixomolding process.
    • NEW Bushing design. The new “RLP” radial lubrification pocket system consists in a new dedicated DU design with small pockets in the inner part of the bushing that traps some of the oil flowing and keeps the stanchion lubricated even under heavy load friction. There are also 3 specifically designed backup channels that improves pump lubrication effect.
    • NEW Floating Axle. Decoupling between hub dimension and fork alignment for an improved sensitivity of the fork.
    • NEW HS3, Hybrid coil and air spring design: Improved from V1 to increase reliability and smoothness even in harsh riding conditions. with 2 adjustable positive air chambers and high volume negative chamber
    • NEW Top out Bumper design. Added a top up bump rubber and a titanium
      plate to the ++ chamber to reduce noise.
    • Proprietary Crown design: forged AL 7050 T6 to substantially increase stiffness
    • High volume Cartridge with Ø22 mm piston, engineered circuit to separate bump and rebound oil flow
    • HDRV unique compression valve system Ø24 mm piston
    • IFP reservoir Ø24 mm piston
    • 3 way adjustable, Low and High speed Bump and Rebound
    • Main strut low friction system: new DU bushing material from our WRC technology combined with dedicated EXT oil
    • Cartridge and Air spring low friction System: innovative floating shaft guide combined with the EXT proprietary coating and superfinish chrome shaft.
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