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DARKMATTER: Downhill 190/200

CARBONJACK: Enduro 150/160


Design & Innovation Award

“In many ways, the Antidote Carbonjack” is an exceptional bike. The most unique aspect of the carbon frame, which is made by hand in Poland, is the distinct visible carbon finish. But the small brand is also setting benchmarks with the design of the bike, combining a futuristic look with a high level of functionality. Thanks to the low-slung top tube, the bike offers a huge amount of freedom of movement. The balanced geometry is perfectly tuned for high-speed riding. Paired with the first-class Öhlins suspension and Antidote’s patented suspension, it results in a very capable enduro bike. The bike communicates precise feedback from the ground without overwhelming the rider. The Antidote Carbonjack” isn’t just a beauty, it’s also incredibly fast and a worthy award winner!”

WOODSPRITE: Trail 120-135/140-150

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