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Engineered with downhill focus in mind, the shock structure has seen a redesign in order to be more frame friendly, with metric and imperial sizing, and both classic eye to eye and trunnion mounts. HBC has been enhanced with a wider range of adjustment, in order to prevent bottom-out issues, while allowing riders to use softer spring rates and still have good support.

EXT Arma V3

    • 4 way adjustable: LSC-HSC-LSR-HBC (Hydraulic Bottom-Out Control)
    • High flow 29 mm main piston
    • 24 mm valve piston
    • 14 mm shaft (50% larger than most other coils on market to help deal with large side loading events)
    • Engineered rebound circuit to separate bump and rebound oil flow – Ultra low-friction coating
    • User adjustable HBC technology
    • Very low reservoir pressure for maximum sensitivity (55 PSI)
    • Full custom hydraulic setup that is bike and rider specific for each shock
    • Low cavitation
    • Very low hysteresis for high dynamic response
    • High turbulent flow for progressive dampening and mid stroke support
    • Low friction seal
    • Thinner bottom-out bumper and debris clearing washer
    • New low profile rebound knob for easy spring swap
    • 2 EXT light weight springs available in 25 Lb increments
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