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The bikes we ride and the riders riding them are becoming faster and a lot of that speed is coming from the impressive advances in E-bike technology and the access they have given to a larger group of people. Riders are pushing to new places and making the most of riding from their doorstep. Additionally this new generation of E-bike is appearing, they’re lighter and have longer travel, making their leverage ratios and suspension curves push beyond the boundaries of many current damper designs.

At EXT we have a simple goal: Make the best suspensions to improve performance,
reliability and safer riding on any bike.

This isn’t without challenges, E-bikes generate more suspension stress but most run
the same shock sizing as their analog counterparts. Luckily, Ext has decades of experience building the world’s most compact high performance dampers, some of which were used in Formula One and WRC. If anyone can maximize damper performance in challenging environments, it’s us.
That’s why we developed the e-Storia.

EXT E-Storia

  • -Integrated reservoir head design to increase eyelet/trunnion mount fitment
    -Stronger body construction
    -Chromoly shaft with low friction coating
    -Reservoir with large volume bladder design
    -Dedicated spring platform for stiffer spring
    -Negative spring to avoid harsh top-out and improve bike platform stability
    -Lok 2.0
    -New rebound adjustment to increase tuning range
    -New compression valve to increase adjustability range and provide a smoother riding
    -Low hysteresis to improve dynamic response

    -Completely independent compression/rebound adjustment
    -New check valve with low inertia to control damping even at really high frequency
    -New externally adjustable HBC and more efficient design to increase bottom out protection
    -New seal design to reduce friction
    -New main piston design with high flow to improve sensitivity and tunability
    -All valves with turbulent flow to assure consistent damping with different temperature and
    under extreme use/conditions
    -A new high viscosity index oil for longer consistent riding in all different situations and seasons
    -Springs available up to 800lb

    -Weight 460g (Metric 210/55 without spring)

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