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All Antidote frames are custom built and painted to order. Manufacture process takes approximately 8 weeks. We will work with you one-on-one on paint choices and design to ensure your bike is 100% unique. 



It is a machine built to meet the need for a universal bike that will remain effective in any situation. Great downhill qualities, neutral position “inside the bike” and excellent acceleration and efficiency on climbs make the feeling of flow never leave you throughout the day of riding in the real mountains. The untamed potential of the bike also allows you to set off on the EWS race routes at any time. Personalize your machine thanks to the selection of suspension and individual painting.



  • Pedalling efficiency with no feedback
  • Superb small bump sensitivity
  • Excelent traction during technical climbs
  • Progression giving place to abuse even on downhill tracks
  • Inline shock compression


  • Floating shock design
  • Easy acces to settings


  • Better cornering
  • More control on ground and in the air


Through 90 degrees damper rotation, we have obtained seamless, easy access to adjustment.

Equipped with 150 mm travel, slack geometry and short rear Carbonjack gives the rider perfect balance while blasting down the trails. An upright seat tube angle and pedal efficient suspension makes climbing easy, giving you even more energy for fun parts!

Our floating damping system is patented. No shock mounts in the front triangle or swingarm means better stress distribution. A simple and effective suspension design with unique shock access combined with lightweight and aggressive geometry will improve your riding skills dramatically, before you realize it!



“Golden Ratio Geometry” is the best overall geometry that we have ever designed. Why? Because the proportions between the front and rear triangles are most effective for the type of riding the Carbonjack is designed for. Our special balance distribution between the „Front Center” to „Chainstay” means better rider mass distribution, it doesn’t matter whether you are climbing or descending. The new Carbonjack geometry gives the rider confidence to progress.

Antidote Carbonjack Frame Ohlins TTX

  • Size    S M L XL
    Seat Tube Length A 420 440 470 500
    Top Tube Length Horizontal B 590,5 610,5 641 671,5
    Head Tube Length C 100 100 115 130
    Seat Tube Angle Horizontal D 75,5° 75,5° 75,8° 76°
    Seat Tube Angle Effective E 75° 74,5° 74,6° 74,7°
    Seat Tube Reach F 183 202 214 228
    Head Tube Angle G 65° 65° 65° 65°
    Chainstay Length H 450 450 450 450
    Front Center I 753 773 809 846
    Wheelbase J 1203 1223 1259 1293
    Reach K 430 450 480 510
    Stack L 621 621 634 648
    Spread M 755 766,6 795,4 824,5
    BB Drop N 32 32 32 32
    BB Height O 344 344 344 344
    Fork Offset U 44 44 44 44
    Estimated seat height   680 740 780 830
    Recomended frame size   S M L XL
    User  Height (cm)   162-171 169-179 177 – 189 187 -198
    Recomended seatpost   S M L XL
    Seat post insert   195 215 245 275
    Model:   120-150 150-180 180-210 210-250
    Oneup V2   120/150* 150/180* 180/210* 210
    Bike Yoke   125 160 185 185
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