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Sizes: XS: 380mm / S: 390mm / M: 430mm / L: 470mm / XL: 510mm
Colors: Gloss Nimbus Grey / Graphite / Desert Grey. Also available in Matte British Racing Green/Desert Grey

Get ready to experience the thrill with the Prime X 29 e-MTB bike designed for urban cross! This top-end emountain bike is a beauty to show off.

Unleash the power of the upgraded Bosch Performance Line CX engine, backed by an integrated 625 Wh Power Tube battery, both seamlessly concealed inside a durable frame to handle the rigors of mountain bike riding. Upgrades also include a new display unit and handlebar mounted control module. Bosch smart eBike system consisting of eBike Flow app, control unit, display, batter, and drive unit offers a customized bike experience for users.

Zero Suspension: Mondraker’s unique zero suspension system helps with stability and control by absorbing the strongest vibrations and keeping your wheels planted on the ground even on the bumpiest of the trails. This superior suspension design offers zero power loss for pedaling stability, zero pedal kickback for minimum chain growth throughout travel, zero brake jack for isolated braking & suspension forces, and zero bumps for absorbing even the slightest bumps for extreme rear wheel stability.

Stealth Alloy Frame: The compact and lighter engine design and stealth alloy frame help with resistance and mobility for better speed and performance. Stealth Alloy technology uses smartly designed tubes catering to specific functions with the goal of achieving the lowest weight.

Forward Geometry: High-speed riders will love the safety and confidence offered by Mondraker’s proprietary forward geometry design. Forward geometry also helps with improved handling, overall control, uphill precision, and stability in tough and technical terrains.

2023 Mondraker Prime X -Gloss Nimbus Grey / Graphite / Desert Grey