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Young bikers can now experience the thrills of mountain biking with F-PLAY 24! This kids’ sports E-bike is packed with mountain bike features tailored towards children who want to get started on trail-shredding rides.

Unleash the power of the Mahle-Ebikemotion X-35 motor, backed by an integrated Mahle-Ebikemotion Internal 250Wh battery, both seamlessly concealed inside a durable stealth alloy frame to handle the rigors of mountain bike riding.

Mondraker’s unique zero suspension system helps with stability and control by absorbing the strongest vibrations and keeping your wheels planted on the ground even on the bumpiest of the trails. This superior suspension design offers zero power loss for pedaling stability, zero pedal kickback for minimum chain growth throughout travel, zero brake jack for isolated braking & suspension forces, and zero bumps for absorbing even the slightest bumps for extreme rear wheel stability.

Young racers will love the safety and confidence offered by Mondraker’s modern geometry that helps with improved handling, overall control, uphill precision, and stability in tough terrains.

The durable stealth alloy frame helps with resistance and mobility for better speed and performance. Stealth Alloy technology uses smartly designed tubes catering to specific functions with the goal of achieving the lowest weight.

F-Play 24 sports high-performance rear derailleurs, hydroformed tubing, and 24” tires, for ultimate precision and grip through uneven and rough trails. Young riders can conquer rigorous trails in the comfort of consistent and unstoppable braking power from durable, all-terrain compatible, MTB brakes. One-piece bolt-on upper link offers better lateral and torsional stiffness to reduce lateral stress on the shock action.

F-Play 24 is loaded with a dedicated 1X drivetrain compatible design for better traction and momentum. This kid bike is designed to suit young riders, with a junior handlebar, grips, and saddle. Riding stats are just a few clicks away on the Mahle-Ebikemotion display, easily accessible on the handlebar, without getting distracted from the track. 

2023 Mondraker F-Play 24