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Sizes: S: 395mm / M: 430mm / L: 470mm / XL: 520mm
Colors: Gloss Blue Marlin / Black
Chrono R is also available in Matte Graphite / Desert Grey

Experience the Chrono R difference in Cross-country rides and marathons! These stylish and modern XC bikes with race geometry, are also great for urban city riders.

Durable stealth alloy frame and HHG internal routing help with resistance and mobility for better speed and performance. XStealth Alloy technology uses smartly designed tubes catering to specific functions with the goal of achieving the lowest weight.

XC Racers will love the safety and confidence offered by Mondraker’s proprietary forward geometry design. Forward geometry also helps with improved handling, overall control, uphill precision, and stability in tough and technical terrains.

HHG Internal Cable Routing helps with a minimalistic, clean design. Chrono R XC bikes are race-ready with Xtralite alloy butted frame, boost rear axle and BSA bottom bracket for enhanced traction and momentum. Chrono R XC has a high-performance suspension system that helps with stability and control by absorbing the strongest vibrations and keeping your wheels planted on the ground even on the bumpiest of the trails.

Chrono R XC Pro Bike sports high-performance rear derailleurs and wide 29” tires, for ultimate precision and grip through uneven and rough trails. Extreme riders can conquer rigorous trails in the comfort of consistent and unstoppable braking power from durable, all-terrain compatible, MTB brakes.

2023 Mondraker Chrono R -Blue/Black