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In our 29er fleet, the Surface has always been the model with a view to taking you on an  epic journey.  For 2021 the Surface has undergone a complete overhaul, taking it even further in that direction, which is why it now goes under the name "Surface Voyager".  Its new name gives a little insight into what the new rig is designed for, travelling far and wide.

This new breed is designed around a 140mm fork, and can be thought of as a (very) aggressive adventure bike, gravel bike or even a bike packer given its ample gear mounts.  While it may be a little less ‘forked’ than our most aggressive trail models, this is still a trail bike at heart that can live up to a proper dose of technical singletrack.  You know, the type which can often be found on the backside of a high mountain pass. It also features a modular sliding horizontal dropout system, so going single speed is a breeze, even when running disc brakes.

Chromag Surface Voyager

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