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It might be alien to some but 29+ wheels are a real thing, especially now that you can get tires with serious tread, like a Maxxis Minion 3.0.

The Arcturian started off as an experiment…to see if it could really work.  29+ bikes have been growing in popularity, due to their ability to carry momentum and offer a soft ride when things get rough, even with a bunch of gear strapped on.  The big wheels are great for long trips and adventure riding where you’re mixing up road surfaces with sections of trail.  But could they also deliver as a real-deal trail bike for proper technical riding?  The answer is yes.  The Arcturian - a bike with our most progressive dimensions and angles, corrected for the gargantuan diameter of 29+ tires.  

Gravel roads with cross ditches and log piles?  Mountain passes with ridge traverses and winding descents?  Technical climbs with a healthy scattering or slippery roots and edgy rocks?  Descents that slab and chunk their way to the valley floor?  The Arcturian is ready.

Chromag Arcturian

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