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Sizes: S: 380mm / M: 420mm / L: 450mm / XL: 500mm
Colors: Gloss Deep Purple / Light Blue

Raze is more than a conventional trail bike, which combines traits of XC and Enduro into one model. 

The compact and lighter stealth full carbon frame and HHG internal cable routing help with resistance and mobility for better speed and performance. Mondraker’s proprietary Stealth carbon construction uses specific positioning and direction of carbon fibers to optimize benefits such as strength, structural rigidity, trail buzz absorption, and lightness, in addition to consistency, reliability, and visual appeal.

High-speed riders will love the safety and confidence offered by Mondraker’s proprietary forward geometry design. Forward geometry also helps with improved handling, overall control, uphill precision, and stability in tough and technical terrains. 

Raze Carbon uses an enhanced zero suspension that helps with stability and control by absorbing the strongest vibrations and keeping your wheels planted on the ground even on the bumpiest of the trails.

2023 Mondraker Raze Carbon RR