What we do

DemoWorx bridges the gap between the beautiful bikes on the internet and the next beautiful bike in your garage.


We partner with unique, hard-to-find bike brands to provide real-world test ride experiences. We also offer our guests the opportunity to see, touch and try products and apparel rarely seen in person. After trying bikes & product, we help you find a local retailer or order directly from the vendor.

If public demos don't fit your schedule or style, we will meet you where you are.

We also offer private corporate demos if you're interested in inspiring a more active, healthy workplace.

If you're interested in an appointment or a private demo, you can get started here

Who we are

DemoWorx is comprised of a team of bike industry veterans who have worked in every aspect of the field, from turning wrenches as teenagers to managing national sales programs. With combined experience of over 40 years, we bring deep knowledge and skills to every demo.


Brendan Gecik



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